Leggings & Jackets 50% OFF. New style hats available too. February 09 2021, 0 Comments

Hello lovely Inglet Von Singlet followers!

Out with the old and in with the new! Keep you eyes open for our final end of product line SALE. We have 50% OFF all leggings

(whatever sizes are left in over 40 different prints) and 50% OFF our reversible, cycling jackets (Only 2 left!!!!)  to make way for our NEW 100% AUSSIE DESIGNED, PRODUCED & MADE RANGE. (WOOHOO)

Like most people, 2020 had a lot to teach us......BLESS!

Music festivals seem to be on hold for a while, so we've had to rethink where to take the brand.

Lucky we love all things fashion and have decided to branch into the area of "HYBRID OFFICE/LEISURE WEAR"......not sure if that's a "thing" but we are going to attempt to make it one anyway. (So think: well cut, thick and firm gorgeous matt fabrics in sumptuous, breathable prints hugging and supporting your curves as you effortlessly go from work meeting to gym without having to change (or visa/versa).

We won't say too much more as it's a bit of a surprise!

We are so excited to be able to produce everything right here at home in tropical Melbourne - so look out for sexy new prints (we are doing a lot more darker prints/complex patterns, as most of us don't want to draw too much attention to any imperfections.

We are also using beautiful fabric blends which will be recycled, sustainable and natural, so no more sweaty bits!)


I'll keep you updated with when everything will be released. Thanks for checking in x