About Us

Designed in Melbourne and produced in Bali and the Peoples Republic of China. The art, home wares & fashion label is the creation of Ingrid Szoeke (Inglet Von Singlet). She developed her range as a result of loving various creative pursuits and wanting to explore them and produce products that were different to anything else available.

Inglet Von Singlet's art range is available in various sizes to order, the ones that are pictured here on the site are 20 cm squared. The largest size available is 2 metres squared. The colours are extremely vibrant and in some cases fluorescent, which means they act as a light source in a room with a black light (ultraviolet light). 

The subject matter is either female nude, close up facial portraits or kewpie dolls at the moment, with emphasise on patterned backgrounds adorned with gold or silver leaf and in some cases treated with a rust varnish or a crackle effect. Most are covered in a high gloss varnish which add to their lushness.

Inglet Von Singlet's home range currently features cushions. The exterior fronts are either a poly-velvet or a nylon canvas suitable for outdoor use. Some have leather backs which make them ideal for throwing on the grass or outdoor decking on a sunny day to kick back and relax on. Other fabrics are either wool or cotton which replace the leather on the backs and sides. All cushion fronts are printed with digitally manipulated photographs. All cushions are filled with cloud soft duck feathers encased in 100% cotton covers. Sizes of cushions are 50cm squared for the small, 55cm squared and 20 cm deep for the medium leather backed cushions and 1 metre squared for the large ones.

Inglet Von Singlet developed their fashion range as a result of seeing an opportunity in the festival market. Currently available are brightly patterned leggings and catsuits, airbrushed and painted jeans, leather "holsters" to wear over other garments and airbrushed silk chiffon scarves with super long fringing which add a dramatic edge to any outfit.

Ingrid Szoeke's philosophy is to provide edgy, fun and unique products to anyone with the confidence to wear/display them.

Stay in touch ingridszoeke@gmail.com