Inglet Von Singlet's art range is available in various sizes to order. Those pictured in this gallery are 20cm2. The largest size available is 2m2.

These acrylics on canvas feature ultra vibrant colours, some of which are fluorescent, meaning they act as a light source when placed in a room under an ultraviolet light. (black light)

Current subjects include voluptuous female nudes, beautiful facial portraits, cheeky kewpie dolls & abstract futuristic digital patterns. The intricate backgrounds are adorned with gold or silver leaf or finished with a rust varnish or a crackle effect. Most are covered in a high gloss 2-pack varnish, giving them a lush, liquid feel.

We are also introducing Inglet Von Singlet “art lights” - 20cm x 20cm or 30cm x 30 cm LED UVA/UVB grow lights with translucent digital holographic film artwork, layered Perspex with poured resin surfaces. The effect creates colour changes from different angles. Some lights include glitter foam or fur. These are standard 240 volt (Australian standard plus) electric lights with low watts but still a high brightness. LIshtar can be custom made to order. 

For commission work, contact Inglet von Singlet at

Inglet Von Singlet artwork is available to be printed onto customised leggings, so if you see something you like and would like it on your legs instead of on your wall, please let us know and we will make it happen for you.