Wearable art for those with individual style!

We developed our range after seeing an opportunity in the festival market. Currently available are vividly coloured caps with lights in them as well as military style embellished hats with pom poms, crystals, glitter, badges, sequins, reflective ribbon so you'll be seen in the dark, feathers and tassels. These are definitely statement hats. Very colourful and vibrant. In fact, if you walked into a party - all eyes would be on you!

If there's something you see here that you like, but want a different combination of colours, please email us direct and we will custom make for you. Please allow 7 days from ordering to posting.

We have a "you buy once, we maintain forever" policy, so if you hat loses a few crystals over time through normal wear, we will replace the bits that have fallen off for FREE! So your inglet von singlet purchase will always look as good as new.

Inglet von Singlet’s philosophy is to provide edgy, fun and unique looks to people who love to feel gorgeous while making a statement. Wear with confidence and you’ll always look amazing!