Inglet von Singlet is well known for unique custom festival and party outfits in a range of fabrics, textures, and concepts. We make outfits for a one off event, or tailored for lasting wear to suit you. We can do anything from a single piece of unique jewellery, hats, head pieces, bodysuits, full dress up costumes to a theme, wigs, leggings, jackets, body straps, or whatever… No two outfits will ever be the same as these are hand made, original artist designed pieces or complete outfits. 

These are some of the projects from the past as some inspiration for your next event. One thing is for sure, Inglet von Singlet is right for you if you’re up for making a scene at your next big event or drag show.

If you want to make a splash at Mardi Gras coming up best to get in quick to secure your place as we are not an off the shelf retailer and we hand make everything just for you. 

Prices range depending on what you want, how long it needs to last and how complex you want to go. Timeframes vary depending on the designs too. Chat with Ingy to see what works for you. We offer a free consultation and brainstorm.